Pay Your Tickets Online.

Made Simple and Easy.

Simple Easy Steps

Have your Ticket(s) handy. You will need to provide important ticket information on our platform.

Provide your identifying personal information and your specific ticket information.

Securely process your payment by a personal check online so your ticket(s) can be paid with the court’s procedures.

Common Questions

One of the most common reasons is that many Courts have not yet updated their acceptable payment methods and don’t have the systems in place to process credit/debit cards for court fines. Through PayTicketsOnline, you can pay using a personal bank check online.

Processing your court fine online makes it easier for you so you can avoid going in-person to a courthouse, your bank, and/or post office to obtain and submit a money order or certified cashier’s check. PayTickets takes care of that for you by submitting a certified cashier’s check to your courthouse for your court fine(s).

Submitting your ticket information online and securely processing your payment takes approximately 5-7 minutes. A certified cashier’s check can arrive to the court within 5-10 business days on average so your court can update your court fine as being paid. If your court fine will arrive past your ticket’s due date, you should contact the court to inform them that you have submitted the payment and it will be arriving soon by certified cashier’s check.

Yes, upon securely processing your payment. A receipt is emailed to you immediately to the email address you provided. All payments are processed online using AffiniPay, one of the largest and popular online payment processing platforms.

Courts and Government entities can email to to learn about convenient solutions for accepting court fines via online solutions and having our support team handle inquiries, processing, and court fine support, on your behalf. PayTickets is the easiest way for the public to pay their court fines online and to learn how we can accommodate to any particular requirements you may have.